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Model SC

Model SC

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Manual Activation
Roll Bar Mount Size

Safecraft’s Model SC for sprint cars is completely automatic and includes a manual backup for added protection. Safecraft’s unique, fast-acting thermal sensor and compact, slim design targets hard-to-reach high risk areas & tight spaces—perfect when you need ‘mini’ without sacrificing ‘might’! The Model SC packs a powerful punch with Fluoro FS Fire Protection Fluid in a 3 or 5 lb white aluminum cylinder.

Our 5lb system is now SFI 17.3 certified



Agent Qty: 3 lb / 5lb
Cylinder Type: Aluminum
Overall Length: 16" / 16.5
Cylinder Diameter: 3.25" / 4"
Nominal Weight*: 5.3 lb / 7.4

*Nominal weight is regarding the extinguisher only. It does not include the weight of any additional mount or activation hardware.

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