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Model LT

Model LT

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Activation Method
Kit Tubing

Safecraft’s Model LT is considered the “gold standard” of the industry. More racers and professional race teams use the Model LT more than any other system. The modular design and standard features makes it the first choice for all motorsports. With its wide variety of activation and mounting options, the Model LT can be easily integrated in all vehicle designs. Our 5lb & 10lb systems are SFI 17.1 certified.

Replacement bottle option provides no accessories, filled cylinder with activating head only.

Second photo displays brushed aluminum finish (10 lb. Only)


Agent Qty: 3 lb / 5lb / 10 lb
Cylinder Type: Aluminum
Overall Length: 15.3" / 15.5" / 17.3"
Cylinder Diameter: 3.25" / 4" / 5.25"
Nominal Weight*: 4.5 lb / 7 lb / 15.2 lb
Agent: 5 lb. - Fluoro FS  3 lb. & 10 lb. - 3M Novec 1230TM

*Nominal weight is regarding the extinguisher only. It does not include the weight of any additional mount or activation hardware*

*Chassis Builder kits do not include tubing, fittings, mounts or brackets*

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